Success Online Depends On One Thing

What Is The Number One Thing You Need In Order To Be Successful Online? It Certainly Isn’t Tech Skills!

Let’s tell the truth…You wouldn’t go to Google and search for lessons that teach you how to become a doctor, a lawyer, a teacher or anything else…no of course not. You would go to an appropriate training institution where there are qualified professionals!

“So why the hell wouldn’t you go to a qualified Internet Marketing Professional to learn how build an online business? It took me years to figure out I needed some direction and guidance…that doesn’t have to be you!”

One of my biggest mistakes over the years was thinking that I could succeed without help. I fooled myself into thinking that I knew what I was doing. The lack of money coming in should have been a big enough clue. “I was going nowhere fast”. Notice there is a missing piece to the puzzle in the image below!

After years of trial and error and extreme frustration, I was able to gain a substantial amount of knowledge that enabled me to have, what I now call, a pretend online business.  Even with all the knowledge I accumulated, the frustration was still there…bigger than ever. The frustration came from the fact that I was getting so close to making my business work but something was still missing.

The big problem, for me, was that all the knowledge I obtained was scattered everywhere I didn’t have a clue how to fit everything into a workable system that actually made money.

For example, I knew about setting up an email system, building a Facebook Page, editing and adding content to my blog, learning about links, plugins, widgets, auto- responders, Facebook strategies and more. I had a good understanding of all the basics. The problem was, I was stuck and my little website was floating all alone among the millions of websites.

Deep down I sensed that I was going nowhere yet I resisted taking the next step…finding help. I had to figure out a way to make it all work but I didn’t know where to start. I knew I needed guidance but I was fearful of not finding the right help because of past negative experiences. Well, one day I got brave and decided to bite the bullet. I felt the fear and did it anyway.

“After some searching, I discovered that there were trustworthy people who were dedicated to helping Beginner Internet Marketers succeed”.

The beauty of signing up with a Mentoring/Training Program is that you are given  step by step instructions that steer you toward success. Don’t get me wrong, hard work on your part is still required but a ‘step by step’ system will fit all the pieces of the puzzle together for you. The right mentor will help you formulate a concise plan of action and cut out the ‘trial and error’ period of the learning process.

I can tell you, it is much easier to follow a proven plan by a successful marketer than to struggle aimlessly for years. Successful Internet Marketing Mentors have perfected the process and all you have to do is follow along. They will give you a shortcut to success – a proven shortcut.

‘If there is one thing I regret in my long, long journey online is that I waited far to long to find a Mentor with a proven, successful track record who could steer me in the right direction.”

“Think about this, the initial undertaking of implementing an online business takes countless hours and years worth of knowledge.

I have a question for you…if you could cut your learning curve in half and start making money faster… why wouldn’t you”?

 My Mentor…Dean Holland